The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) has announced that Marjean Pountain CPM was the top points leader in posting comments and information in the IREMFIRST Community Leaderboard this week.  This is an information source and question and answer blog type resource for members of the Institute of Real Estate Management, the international leader in real estate education and resources for real estate property management professionals.

Here is an example of her comments to one of those posts, entitled “Opportunities during these Troubled Times”.

 “There is no question that this uncertain economy creates opportunities for property managers. The real estate doesn’t go away, so a property manager is sure that jobs will always exist. And real estate with problems equates to opportunity for a property manager to show their skills. Fee managers are wise to keep in close touch with their local lenders to offer up their services to deal with foreclosures occur.Marjean Pountain

As an independent consultant I am amazed at the inquiries I’ve gotten for my services recruiting quality property managers. With the loss of jobs everywhere else, property management is still a growing field, particularly for property managers experienced at handling “turn-arounds” and receivership management.

Always look for ways to turn lemons into lemonade. Opportunity abounds for those with creativity to find a niche in the changing real estate market.” 


Launch of Pountain Partners

November 2, 2008

I am happy to announce that I have launched my own real estate consulting business called Pountain Partners LLC.  Please visit my new website at  Relying on my 25+ years of experience in the business of real estate management, I am available to consult on most any matter relating to management of investment real estate.   My current clients include real estate companies for which I am helping hire needed staff together with ongoing training.  I am also advising a company that is establishing a property management division to manage their investment real estate in-house.

My networking talents have given me access to resources and other specialists to assist me when needed.  During an economic period when hiring additional staff may not be an option, Pountain Partners LLC finds its niche completing special projects, and finding ways to improve efficiency and bottom-line savings in managing real estate, whether it be a few duplexes or thousands of square feet of commercial space.
Additionally I am available to provide expert witness services to the legal and insurance professionals working on real estate related cases.  Specialized services include: market studies, feasibility analysis, deposition, mediation, arbitration and trial testimony related to building safety regulations, tenant and landlord rights, security and lighting, security deposits, fair housing, HUD housing, negligence and vendor disputes.

Contact me at 920-565-2953 or marjean at pountainpartners dot com or visit my website for more information.   I look forward to working with you to help you with any of your real estate management-related needs!