Pountain Partners LLC now offers a training seminar on fair housing to property management companies throughout the state of Wisconsin.  Fair Housing is an important subject in which anyone who works in the business of providing rental housing or selling real estate should be well versed.  The training course Pountain offers will be customized to the needs of a client.  Usually a half-day course, Pountain incorporates information on good customer service, resident retention, and diversity to round out the course.

Resident retention is so important in today’s economy, and providing good customer service is a key to that success.  Pountain will share  tips on the best way to provide the highest quality service. 

Varied ethnic groups comprise 40% of first time renters and home buyers in today’s market.  Being aware of the varity of value systems, manners, customs and traditions may also enhance the prospect of a successful rental/resident relationship. 

Pountain Partners recently trained all of the staff at one of the largest metro Milwaukee real estate management firms.  The course is offered throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Contact Marjean Pountain at Pountain Partners for more information on how she can bring a new awareness and instill knowledge of fair housing in your real estate organization.


Pountain Partners LLC has recently completed an recruiting assignment whereby at the company’s direction a candidate was identified and hired for the position of Area Manager for a large self storage facility with sites in several states.  “It was a challenge finding the right candidate who had adequate experience and was willing to relocate to Scottsdale, Arizona where the home office is located”, Pountain said.  “In a matter of luck and good timing, after only a few email and phone calls, I was in contact with the person that my client hired within a matter of weeks”.

Pountain performs recruiting and hiring services for a number of local property management firms in the metro Milwaukee area.  This was her first out of state assignment .  Contact Marjean Pountain for specific information as references are available.