The University of Wisconsin-Stout has Property Management as one of its degree programs at the university.  There is an advisory committee established to work with the faculty and students to review curriculum and programs.  The committee is made up of experienced property management professionals who are committed to providing the resources and assistance to benefit the college program.  Marjean Pountain has been asked to join the committee and is honored to accept the assignment.  For more information on the degree program at UW-Stout, click here:


TheoPRO Alliance Partners (TAPS) has been formed to expand service capabilities to their affordable housing training and compliance customers by establishing relationships with Alliance Partners.  The First Alliance Partner selected by TheoPRO is Pountain Partners LLC.  Marjean Pountain is delighted with the opportunity to work more closely with Ruth Theobald, a long-time colleague and mentor, as well as the other talented associates of TheoPRO.  “When I established Pountain Partners, it was with the goal of having working relationships with other property management professionals to enhance the services that we can provide as a team to clients and customers with needs in the field of real estate management.” said Pountain.   Becoming an Alliance Partner with TheoPRO provides Marjean with the wonderful opportunity to achieve one of her goals.

See this link for more information about TheoPRO’s Alliance Partners (TAPS):